Conversational Japanese 1 Course: Now Open for Enlistment (November 2021)

November 4, 2021

NCF is now opening its Conversational Japanese 1 course starting November 2021.

What is Conversational Japanese 1 course?

It is a 26-hour beginner’s course designed to enable students to acquire practical communication skills for every-day situations. It involves extensive listening and speaking exercises based on the Japan Foundation endorsed coursebook, Marugoto (まるごと), which will be facilitated by our duly-trained teachers.

What are its objectives?

The aim of the Conversational Japanese course is for learners to be able to take part in communication using Japanese in a variety of real-life situations. For this reason, learning objectives are set in the form of Can-dos that describe what learners will be able to do using Japanese.

Will I also learn how to read and write?

As this is a conversational course, reading and writing will not be part of the program. 
For those interested in acquiring those skills or taking the JLPT, our Basic Japanese (BJ1-BJ5) courses would be more suitable.

I’m interested. How do I enlist?

To enlist, you may send us an email with your preferred schedule, your full name, contact number, and email address at and, or you may call us at 0917-596-2931 or 5328-7170 to 74. You may also visit our Facebook page at and send us a message to inquire.