In our aim to promote the Japanese culture to Filipinos and the general public, Nihongo Center Foundation has partnered with Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School to bring you this culture class video about Ikebana.

     The name Ikebana comes from the Japanese words ‘ikeru’ (生ける)which means “to arrange (flowers), be living” and ‘hana’(花)which means “flower”. This translates to “giving life to flowers”. Also known as Kado, the Japanese art of flower arrangement symbolizes a harmonious balance of opposites by arranging the flowers with other natural elements. The art follows the principles of silence, seasonality, minimalism, shape, and line, form, humanity, aesthetics, and balance.

     In this video, Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School introduces Ikebana and demonstrates how to arrange flowers using the Oohara-Ryu Style Standing type, the easiest Japanese way of flower arrangement. We hope that this culture class video could inspire your way of life and promote appreciation of this Art of Flower Arrangement.

     Watch out for more culture class content as Nihongo Center Foundation continues its partnership with Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School in promoting and bringing authentic Japanese culture to everyone.