The Nihongo Center Foundation in partnership with the Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School have come together to share the beauty and essence of the sakura (桜).

 With the beginning of spring comes the most awaited blooming of the sakura which has been celebrated through the practice of hanami (花見). This word, composed of the kanji 花 (hana for flower) and 見 (mi for see/watch/view), translates to “flower viewing”. People gather under the sakura trees to witness the flowers bloom while enjoying some food and drinks in each other’s company. However, aside from the small festivity, the viewing also serves as a time of reflection. The sakura’s short-lived time, blooming for only one to two weeks, makes it a precious experience that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. 

As the Japanese breeze gets warmer and the flower petals start to fall, let this video take you along to witness the glorious sight of the sakura before the end of its season.