N1 Special Online Class (1-on-1)

September 7, 2023

Konnichiwa from NCF-PIJLC! We are offering a 100% tuition free N1 Special Online Class to an N2 passer who will take the N1 test in December 2023.

Please read the information carefully on how to qualify for this scholarship offering.

N1 特別オンラインクラス(学費全額免除)

N1 SPECIAL ONLINE CLASS (100% Tuition Free)*

*Subsidized by the Kenjiro Ogata Scholarship Fund


1. Duration: September 24 – November 26, 2023 (10 meetings)

期間 2023年9月24日~11月26日(全10回)

2. Schedule: Sundays / Mutually-agreed two hours (20 hours in all)

日時 日曜日 講師と受講者が合意した2時間(全20時間)

3. Instructor: Mr. Kenjiro Ogata 

講師 尾形健二郎


4. Tuition Fee: Php 30, 000 (Php 1,500 /hour x 20 hours)

学費 30,000ペソ(1,500ペソ/時間x20時間)



Php 30, 000

*subsidized by the Kenjiro Ogata Scholarship Fund

奨学金 30,000ペソ(尾形健二郎奨学基金提供)

5. Number of slot: 1 SLOT only

人数 1名


For N2 passer who will take the N1 test in December 2023. The following qualifications should be met when sending application. The final selection shall be made by Mr. Ogata.

  1. Obtained a total score of 150 or above in an N2 test;
  2. Obtained a total score of 90 – 99 in an N1 test;
  3. Uses Nihongo in his/her current job on a daily basis; and
  4. Has studied and/or worked in Japan for more than two years in total.

資格 N2合格者で、2023年12月のN1試験に合格する可能性の高い者。具体的には次の条件を満たす者を優先するが、最終的には尾形が選抜する。

  1. N2の総得点が150点以上の者
  2. N1を受験したことがあり、総得点が90~99点の者
  3. 現在の仕事で日常的に日本語を使っている者
  4. 日本留学または/および日本勤務が通算2年以上の者



    Please follow the instructions below:

    Send us an e-mail at with the following information:



    N1 Special Online Class – SURNAME


    Full name, contact number and short background in Nihongo


    Attach your Japanese CV, clear copy of your N2 or N1 certificate and test score report in your e-mail


    Upon sending your application, there will be a screening process and Mr. Ogata will select the chosen scholar. 

    Thank you!


    September 18, Monday